Take it to the Next Level - Make Him Fall in Love!

Published: 21st July 2010
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Do you want to take your relationship to the next level and make him fall in love with you? Are you tired of all the small talk and flirtation and are ready to make it real? Do you wonder why he doesn't make the first move and show you he really cares? Follow this advice and make him fall in love.

If you've been asking yourself the questions above, you are well on your way to romance. Whether you know it or not, you have already taken the first steps towards making a guy fall in love. The first steps are keeping it light and flirting. You don't want to jump in with both feet and start a relationship with sex, but you do want him to be sexually attracted to him.

The next step you need to take to make him fall in love is to move from small talk to meaningful conversation. You will probably have to start the ball rolling on this one, because guys don't like to reveal their deeper emotions. If he's still talking about sports or work, it's probably because he's avoiding intimacy. Real intimacy for guys isn't sex - it's revealing their deeper emotions to a woman.

Share a problem you have with him. Ask his advice. He will feel proud that you value his opinion and touched that you trust him enough to ask for his advice. He may reveal something about himself to you as he tries to help you with your problem. Encourage him to open up to you, but let him do it at his own pace. As he learns to trust you more, he will open up more. When that happens, you've almost reached your goal - to make him fall in love!

While you're working on your relationship with him, don't neglect your own life. You are still an individual and have a life of your own, just like he does. You both need some breathing space. If you are not always at his beck and call, it will make him love you all the more.

When you feel that he is truly in love with you, you may wonder why he still holds back. You may feel tempted to try to make him commit to you before he's ready. This could be a mistake. Even after you make him fall in love, you may have to wait for him to take the final step and commit to you and you alone.

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This article is contributed by Tina Jones from the Unforgettable Woman Publishing Team. She works together with founder Alexandra Fox and writes dating/relationship articles for women. You can find more about Unforgettable Woman Publishing by visiting their website.

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