Spice things up by making him JEALOUS

Published: 16th August 2010
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Do you want to know if he really cares for you ? Do you want to find out if he is anxious about losing you? Do you want to make him jealous ? Then read on find out how the right kind of jealousy adds spice and fire to your relationship.

It is well known fact that if a guy genuinely cares for you,then he is bound to get jealous at some point of time. Men are made that way. If your guy really loves you,then he will want your undivided attention. If he doesn't get that, he will be jealous. On the other hand, if he is not bothered about you being with another man,then he surely is not bothered about you. Add some spice to your love life. Just don't make him suffer.

A COMMON MISTAKE that women always make is comparing. NEVER COMPARE your man to any other guy, even if the other person is younger, fitter,richer or more qualified. Your relationship will definitely be affected. As a man,he would like to be the only guy in your life. No self-respecting guy can tolerate this and you will end up LOSING HIM.

There is always a right way to make your guy "green" with envy. You can try these simple tips so that he pays more attention towards you.

For example, you can call him up and say that you are going out with somebody. Don't mention the name and hang up quickly. The first thought that crosses his mind is "who is she going with".Avoid his calls for a couple of hours. This will add fuel to the fire. And then if he is really angry,you can shower him with your love.

There should be an element of surprise in a relationship. If you know each other very well,life can become predictable and boring. You should keep him guessing about what you are going to do next. Your hobbies, your job,your friends,your weekends.......plan your activities without him. Let him be alone for some time. Only then will he realize your true value in his life.

It is always important to keep the fire burning. It is okay to make him burn with jealousy, but not at the cost of burning your relationship. A little trick at the right moment can create wonders. It will bring you closer emotionally and make your lives interesting. Remember that excitement is a key to a strong relationship.

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