Show Him You Love Him - It's the Little Things that Count

Published: 15th August 2010
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Do you show him you love him enough? Do you show him how much you care? Does he show you he loves you in return? They say that when two people are deeply in love, they don't need to say "I love you" in words. They show it in everything they do for each other. Here are the things you should do to show him you love him and the signs to look for that show he loves you.

It's the Little Things that Count

While it's always nice to get an expensive bottle of perfume or a beautiful dress on your birthday, these things are not necessarily signs that a guy is head over heels in love. It's those times when there is no occasion to celebrate that really count. If he brings home a nice bottle of wine for you to share instead of a six pack of beer; that's a sign that he is thinking about you. If you bring home a six pack of beer for him, that's a small token of your deep affection for him!

Money Can't Buy Love

How expensive a gift is isn't necessarily a reflection of how much one person loves another. One guy or girl may simply be able to afford expensive gifts. If you choose gifts for him that are thoughtful and caring, he'll appreciate them more than their dollar value reflects. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a poor guy who would rather buy his girlfriend a bouquet of roses than eat must be madly in love.

Back Words with Actions

After you have been together for awhile, the words "I love you" roll easily off the tongue. But do you really mean them? Show him you love him by doing something special for him, like baking him his favorite cookies (or whatever it is he likes). When he says, "Why'd you do that?" tell him, "Because I love you" and give him a kiss.

What to Do When He Doesn't Show You He Loves You Back

It's wonderful to share love, but if you're the one doing all the giving, that's not so wonderful - for you or your relationship. Sometimes a woman can bend over backwards for a man, but all he does in return is take advantage of her. Don't think that showing him how much you love him will make him fall in love with you. It won't. If you are not getting something in return, stop giving. It might wake him up or you may have to split. Either way, it's better than just giving, giving, giving and getting nothing in return.

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