Make Your Man Commit - Put him to the Test

Published: 21st July 2010
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Have you found the one for you and want to make your man commit? Have you been able to attract men, but unable to keep them? Has your relationship come to an impasse and you just can't get him to take it to the next level? What are you going to do? If you want to make your man commit, put him to the test and use these proven strategies.

Do you believe that the guy you're dating is committed to you in his heart, but is just afraid to take that step? If you're not sure, one way to find out is to create some distance between you. Some dating advice columns suggest making him jealous, but that will only prove that he has pride. Instead, start hanging out with your friends and family more and him less. If he is a keeper, he will miss you and do anything to keep you by his side.

If he passes that test, then you know where you stand and you can really start to make your man commit. You don't want to "lay down the law" and tell it to him directly. In an indirect way, let him know about the benefits of commitment. If he asks you why you're drifting away from him, tell him it's because you're not sure what you want to do with your life and that you need time to think. That will make him panic and think he had better make a decision fast.

If he doesn't pass the test, then your relationship is still a casual one to him. It's not over, but you're going to have to use another strategy. Make yourself even less available to him. Start talking and flirting with other guys. Turn him down for a date. Make him think that the relationship is casual to you, too. That will get his blood rushing and he will have to chase you.

If he starts chasing you, back off from the flirting with other guys, but still play hard to get. Let him know you're interested in him, but that you're looking for more than just a casual relationship. Guys are always looking for sex. Let him know that sex comes with commitment to you. He will understand that if he wants you, he is going to have to work for you.

Once you've got him chasing you, you have the chance to get to know him as a friend and as someone he wants to be with all the time. Friends share the good times and the bad and make life special for each other. If that happens for you and you can make it happen for him when you're together, then you can make your man commit.

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