Make Him Feel your Love - One Step at a Time

Published: 12th July 2010
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Do you want to make him feel your love without going overboard? Are you afraid that if you are too obvious it might turn him off? Does he seem to miss the signals of deep affection that you try to send him? It's not easy to walk the line between making him feel loved and scaring him a way. Make sure you learn these tips so that your can make him feel your love the right way.

Men do want to find a deep and abiding love just as much as you do. But if love comes at them from the wrong angle, it is likely to trigger their natural "fear of commitment" gene. Men want to capture you, and they do have a flight mechanism that kicks in if they feel like they are being captured. Quite simply, they just don't comfortably arrive at love in the same way we do.

Let your love out slowly. If men feel like you are gushing out more love than the situation seems to call for at this stage in the game, they will become uncomfortable and doubt the affection is truly for them. Hey, a guy just doesn't really get why a beautiful woman like you would want to even get close to his bony, hairy body in the first place. So, if he feels that he hasn't really earned your affection yet, he will reject it. You have to give him a reason to feel lovable. His humor, his kindness to you and others, his special talents and abilities-find some of his best points and let him know you appreciate them. Make sure these are parts of his inner being, and not just his good looks and his tight abs.

Allow him to let his love out slowly. He needs to discover his emotions. He knows that you are sexy and fun to touch, but that is not a bonding kind of experience for him. Just as easily as he can have a hamburger followed by ice cream, a man is fully capable of kissing you for and hour, saying goodnight, and then walking across the street and kissing another woman for an hour-if he has not yet developed an emotional bond. This bond has nothing to do with romantic love; it has to do with becoming part of his life and support system. So, get into his head and his non-romantic activities. Then one day he will be surprised to find that he needs you, and you will know that your are starting to make him feel your love.

Let him say it first. It needs to be his choice to fall in love with you, and he needs to be the one to win your heart. You can't force it. Let your actions, your sweet kisses, and your tender touch reveal your true feelings for him, not your words. If you give him the time, the companionship, and the encouragement you will first make him feel his love for you. And then you can make him feel your love for him in any way you choose.

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