Make Him Commit – Know What He Fears

Published: 13th July 2010
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Are you hoping to bring your relationship to the next level and get your guy to make a commitment to you? Is a commitment really important to you and you don't know how much longer you can stay with him if he doesn't step up and do what's right? Do you need to know the best way to get him to come around to seeing things the way you do? Men aren't nearly as excited about a committed relationship as women are. For the most part, they'd be perfectly happy just to let a relationship stagnate at that comfortable level. Here's how to get through to him.

How lovable have you been? Some women can put on a great show at the beginning of a relationship. They dazzle the guy with their sparkling personality, touch his heart with their endless compassion and really reel him in with their saintly patience and understanding. And once he's opened his heart to her, she pulls out the claws and suddenly wants to run the whole show.

While a few men are happy to relinquish complete control to their woman, most won't appreciate how you try to manage their life, get rid of their friends and refuse to leave them any freedom. Always make sure you keep the relationship as fun as you can. Once it becomes a chore, it'll get increasingly difficult to get him to see a bright future with you.

Stop putting all your efforts into getting that ultimate commitment and continue to build on your own life. Many women suddenly set everything aside and spend all their time with him. You're more likely to suffocate him than get him to want to be with you more. Respect his need for time alone and realize that it'll probably do you some good as well.

Talk it out. Before you do, make sure you've really been with him long enough. No, a handful of dates is not enough. Then talk to him in a calm and rational manner. You don't want to go on the attack and make him feel guilty. Simply state your reasons, but be just as willing to listen to his.

Knowing that life with you is great and realizing how important this is to you, he'll make that commitment to you.

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