Make Him Commit – Cure His Commitment Phobia

Published: 09th August 2010
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Is your relationship sturdy and strong, but the only thing missing is getting him to commit to you? Have you long been ready for such a move, but he appears to be in no rush to do anything about it? Do you wonder about your next move if he doesn't do something soon? Women are definitely in more of a rush to get a hold of that commitment than men are prepared to give it. Here are a few tricks that can have him understanding where you're coming from and get him to give into your needs.

What are men really afraid of when it comes to committing? After all, it's such a great institution and you love him so much and you can't see a reason why he wouldn't want to promise to be with you for the rest of your lives.

But while you're happy and thrilled with the love you have for him, how is he really feeling about all this. Many women don't realize that they actually sabotage a relationship by being so bullheaded about wanting things their way.

Men can start to get a little nervous about the relationship if he sees that a woman is trying to take too much control of him. Though you might think you're just being a good girlfriend and you're just looking out for his best interest, your meddling in his affairs will probably not sit right with him.

Give him space and respect the man you fell in love with. If you try to change him and control every move he makes, he'll quickly resent it and the thought of a future with you won't be very thrilling.

In order to give him the space he needs, consider keeping yourself busy with things you enjoy. You don't always have to be with him and you shouldn't try to force him to do everything with you. Do your own thing and he'll respect you for it. This will also give him a chance to actually miss you, leaving him longing to see you again.

Break his cycle of fear by showing him that you're still the fun and exuberant woman he fell in love with. Don't let your desire to take over ruin things. This is a life for two that you're building and his needs and desires have to be taken into consideration.
When he sees that life with you is fun and exciting and he feels great about every moment spent with you, he'll be eager to make a commitment.

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