How to Make a Man Love You - Completely

Published: 19th July 2010
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Do you want to make a man love you? Are you ready for love and romance, commitment and marriage? How can you go about doing it? How can you create love in his heart if it is not there? It can be difficult, but not impossible. Try this dating advice and you will have the best chance of success. This is how to make a man love you.

You need to start on the outside and work inward.

• Outside is your appearance. If you want to attract men, you need to be as good looking as you can be. Make sure that your hair, makeup and clothing are all attractive and suitable for you. If you are not sure, take a close look in the mirror from all angles. Ask a friend for her honest opinion. Thank her for the opinion and then act on her advice. You need to look good on the outside.

• Now you need to work on the inside. What kind of person are you? What is the big attraction you are offering in the dating world? You can not be the kind of person who just says, here I am, love me. That will not work. You need to do something to make yourself lovable.

• If you really want to make a guy fall in love and you really want to make him commit to you, the lovable thing that you need is your personality. Having a great personality is how to make a man love you.

• Male psychology says that men will love someone who is fun and out going. If you are a happy person who is easy to get along with, that is the kind of woman who will make a guy fall in love with her.

• So, take your smile out and put your depression away. Make sure that you compliment that special guy rather than criticize him. Be a person of positive energy rather than negative energy. Show him warm personal attention with a friendly smile and pleasant, up building conversation. Ask his advice and opinions on different things. Talk about the things that he is interested in. Make yourself available to do the things he enjoys doing.

You are ready to go. You now know the tactics that will work. Apply this advice and make a man love you.

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