How to Bond with Your New Guy

Published: 30th July 2010
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Have you met someone new, and would like to figure out how to bond with him? Do you know the best way to make a connection with a guy that you're interested in? When you think you might be falling in love, do you know how to set up a meaningful relationship? Here are some tips on how to bond with a new love interest.

Show your true colors.

You might be tempted to hide your perceived flaws, and exaggerate your good qualities. While this might seem innocent enough, you should be yourself. That way, you set the tone for openness and honesty from the start.

You will also be able to see quickly enough if he really likes you for you. You won't have to worry about how he really feels if you are completely honest. So just be yourself, even if it doesn't seem easy.

The question of sex.

When is the right time to sleep with a new guy? If you know how to bond, you will realize that there is no easy answer to this. It's not strictly a matter of time, as much as it is your own individual relationship.

If you really want to be monogamous, then you will need to wait until you can talk to him about this commitment. If you sleep with a man too quickly, you will risk feeling connected while not being sure how he feels. You also might feel invested in something that you have not yet determined is really right.

Should you be friends first?

It is very common advice that you should be your guy's best friend. But this doesn't mean that you should try to be one of the guys. It also doesn't mean that you should treat him like one of the girls.

What you really should be doing is getting to know a guy on a personal level before you get too deeply involved. Try to take some of the push into love off of the table until you really get to know each other. You should make sure that you both know how to bond on a personal level before you take things further, and then you will have a strong foundation.

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