He Won’t Text You Back? – 4 Steps You Can Take Now!

Published: 15th August 2010
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What do you do when he won't text you back? How do you know if you're being too forward, or not forward enough? What can you do to get him interested enough in you that he'll want to send you little messages throughout the day? Texting is the new way of communication and there are definite rules to follow if you want to keep your guy interested. Specifically, there are four steps you can take now to get him to text you back.

1. Be Unavailable

After you text your guy once, you need to stop and give him a chance to respond. Guys are lazy, and he will not feel the need to reply if he knows he'll hear from you again in a couple of minutes anyway. When he does text you back, don't respond right away. Let some time pass so he doesn't get overwhelmed with your attention and, consequently, bored with you or your messages. Less is more.

2. Be Playful

Forget the to-do list or reminder message. Send him something fun and flirty to brighten his day. Along with a picture of you making a kissing face, write: I wish I could do this to you right now! You can be bolder in a text than you can in person. So use that to your advantage and be extra playful and fun.

3. Be Brief

When you send a message, always keep it short and leave out some details. By leaving out some pertinent information, he'll be forced to text you back with his own follow-up questions. For example, write: can't wait to see you tonight...I've got a surprise date waiting! If you don't send another text with more information, he will definitely be writing back asking where or what the two of you will be doing.

4. Be Funny

If you can make your guy laugh with a text you send, he will be more likely to write something back. Guys love a challenge and they have great senses of humor, so he will probably try to come up with something funny to top your message. If you can't think of anything at all to say that is funny, find a funny quote or joke online and send it to him. Laughing is addictive and he will want to contact you again and again.

If you can follow these four steps and hold back from your normal texting routine, you will soon enjoy reading all of the messages your guy is texting you back.

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