Get Your Man Reveal His True Feelings - Does He Still Love You?

Published: 19th July 2010
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How can you get your man reveal his true feelings? Does he still love you? Are those the worries that you have? Of course you feel uneasy. It can be unsettling to have him seem distant or depressed. Does it involve you or your relationship? Does he still want to be your boyfriend / husband? Does he still plan on an engagement and marriage? How can you know? This is how get your man reveal his true feelings.

Boy, the dating world can be difficult. Oh, it is easy to attract men. But it is only easy to do that if we are only looking for friends or companions. It is much harder to get the attention of that special someone, our soul mate and make him fall in love with us and make him commit to us. Then, when Mr. Right seems moody, we just wonder; has the attraction worn off? Here are some things to think about:

Male psychology is different than female psychology in this area. Most women tend to feel that as long as we CAN talk about our problems, they can not be too big. But men typically feel that as long as we do NOT have to talk about our problems they can not be too big. So, when a man feels that there is a problem, he will not want to talk about it. That minimizes it in his mind.

But is there a way to get your man reveal his true feelings even when he is hesitant to do so? There sure is. Here is some good dating advice (and marital advice.)

Understand him and let him know that you do. If you are the kind of person who makes it a habit to say things like these, you are creating a problem. Do you say to him any of the following? - 1. What? 2. How can you feel that way? 3. I do not understand you. 4. You are crazy. And so on? Then you are creating a situation where he will not want to tell you his true feelings. It is so much wiser to show an understanding attitude.

So, make sure that you are not contributing to the problem and you may be able get your man reveal his true feelings.

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