Get Him to Chase You - The Effective Way to Play Hard to Get

Published: 27th July 2010
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Have you been trying to get him to chase after you? Would you love to know what it's like to have a guy so crazy about you that he pursues you? Are you tired of being the one who always makes the first moves? Playing hard to get can be a great way to get a guy up and running. Here's why it works and how you can get it to work for you.

Why it Works So Well

Many women snub their noses at the very thought of playing hard to get. They like to be straightforward and direct. Some even believe it's a cheap ploy meant for the desperate only. But playing hard to get has its merits. This is a great way of actually showing a guy just how far from desperate you are and he also gets revved up by the challenge you're presenting him.

What's in it For You

Aside from the obvious reward of getting a guy to be totally interested in you, playing hard to get is an excellent way to give yourself time to get to know the guy before you jump in too deep. While you're holding back, you're getting a clear vision of who this guy really is.

What to Do to be Successful

It certainly helps if you can go out there and leave your desperation far behind. The more confidence you have in the woman you are and the more independent you feel, the easier this will be. While you always want to remain polite and friendly, playing hard to get is really a matter of showing the guy that you're not as into him as he'd like you to be.

And this is where he needs to step up and prove to you that he's worthy of your attention. Just because you find him cute doesn't mean you should be handing out your phone number at first meeting. Make him work for it.

If he wants to see you again for another date, don't be too quick to show just how completely available and open you are. Not only do you want him to know that you have a full and exciting life of your own, but you want him to wait it out a bit and become even more eager to see you again.

Playing hard to get shouldn't be a complicated game that has you confused and feeling deceptive. It should really be a way to add spice to a new relationship all while allowing you to get a good look at him. So have fun with it and let it become an exciting part of the dating process.

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