Does Playing Hard to Get Really Work?

Published: 30th July 2010
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Do you know why playing hard to get is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to women attracting men? We have all heard this advice, but does it really work to play this game? What is the secret to flirting, being attractive, and having a great dating life? For some women, dating and being attractive come naturally. For most, things are a bit more awkward, so let's take a closer look at the idea of playing hard to get.

Flirting is about timing and balance.

Part of successful dating is to walk the fine line between being available and being unattainable. When you first meet someone, this balance can start from the very beginning. You need to be intriguing by being friendly but mysterious.

Show confidence, and let yourself relax when you are meeting new people. You don't need to be obvious, and there's no need to be the life of the party. Flirt by being lighthearted, and showing your intelligence.

It's the thrill of the chase.

In many cases, playing hard to get really does work. This is because many men feel a spark from having to pursue a woman. When he feels that he is after a girl who won't be easy to charm, he puts extra effort into it.

Men usually want to be the pursuer. But if a woman is too available, there is no chasing necessary. Therefore, women who are a bit elusive are seen as captivating.

Don't play, BE hard to get.

This is a game that doesn't necessarily work as just a game. The reason that it is successful is that it makes a woman seem more interesting and challenging. But the real key is that you should really be a challenge.

You will be more confident and a much better flirt if you have a full life, and your vigor shows in your behavior. Keep your schedule full of as many interesting activities as you have time for. This will make you the interesting woman that men will want to get to know.

Remember that you can always move on.

Part of the hard-to-get strategy is that desperation is simply not attractive. Men, like women, want a partner, not a dependant. When a girl knows that she has options, she will not need to settle for just anyone.

This sparks the spirit of competition in men. Your value in any one man's eyes will increase if he sees that you know that you don't really need him. This isn't a case for being cruel or using anyone. It really just means that you have your own life.

There is some value in the old advice. Over all, it does work to make yourself a bit unavailable. But the real key to playing hard to get is to stay an independent, confident person, rather than being a game-player.

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This article is contributed by Tina Jones from the Unforgettable Woman Publishing Team. She works together with founder Alexandra Fox and writes dating/relationship articles for women. You can find more about Unforgettable Woman Publishing by visiting their website.

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