Decoding Male Psychology - What is He Thinking; What Can you do about it?

Published: 19th July 2010
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Decoding male psychology is so necessary if we want to be successful in the dating world. What is he thinking? How can we use that information in order to find romance and commitment? Are you tired of being alone on Fridays and Saturdays? Are you looking for your soul mate? This dating advice can help. This is an exercise in decoding male psychology.

Sex will attract men. That is a fact. But it will attract men who just want to hook up for sex. Then, when they become bored, they will dump you. Sex has nothing to do with love, romance, commitment and marriage. If he is just looking for sex, he is not the man you want as a boyfriend. It is much wiser to leave sex out of the picture and use something else as the main attraction. According to male psychology, what could that be?

Your personality will make a guy fall in love with you.

That is right; a pretty face may get his attention, but it will not make him fall in love with you. When we are successful in decoding male psychology, we see that it is the person that you are within that can make him commit to you. What kind of person should you be?

Be happy.

Do you use social occasions as an opportunity to discuss at length your depression, anxiety and problems? Do you then wonder where all the men are? Being an unhappy person does not attract friends or lovers. It repels people. It is so much wiser to be a happy person. Put on a smile. When you discuss your problems, keep it very short and then change the subject. Be a person of positive energy, not negative.

Be intriguing.

Be a person of mystery. Do not talk too much about yourself. Do not reveal too much about yourself. Do not make it a habit of explaining why you do or do not do certain things. A person of intrigue will get his attention.

Show him some attention.

Let him know that he is welcome in your life. Talk about the things he enjoys talking about and doing. Compliment him. Smile at him. Ask him questions and then let him talk. He will enjoy the attention and appreciate you for it.

Do you get the point? The best dating advice says that you need to be a happy person. That will attract his attention and make him comfortable. Show him some attention - this will encourage him to take it to the next level. Those things work. You are now an expert in decoding male psychology.
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