Can You Show Your Interest Without Scaring Him Off?

Published: 30th July 2010
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Do you know how to show your interest to a new guy that you like without frightening him? Can you let him know that you like him without going overboard? Do you know how to show your feelings in a way that he will understand and accept? If you are not sure how he feels, it is scary to risk rejection. But you can show your interest in him in ways that will not scare him off.

First of all, when you are dating a new man, don't try to push the pace of things. If you push for commitment, he will feel that you are clingy. Men will feel much more comfortable if they can take their time.

If you really think about it, it is better for both of you to take things slowly. In the first rush of infatuation, you might want to jump in and hold on with both hands. However, there are some major advantages to trying to develop a friendly rapport before you get too romantic.

In addition to pacing yourself, don't share too much information at first. You should reveal yourself to him slowly, and try to get to know him at the same time. If you overshare, you can make a couple of mistakes.

One of the possible risks to revealing too much is that you can come off as self-absorbed. You probably just want to share yourself with your guy, but be conscious of how you much of the talking you are doing. You also should keep a little mystery in the early relationship if you want to show your interest without overwhelming him.

Finally, be judicious with your approval as well as with your information. Men do want and crave compliments and reassurance, but don't smother him with affection. If you give him genuine compliments and affection periodically, you will be much more enticing.

You should tell him what you like about him. It will make him feel good. However, don't constantly compliment him under the misguided impression that this will make him more comfortable. He should feel like your approval is a genuine reward that he has earned.

If you take things slowly, and are present but reserved with your personal information and approval, you can show your interest in a way that he will respond to.

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