Can You Make a Man Fall in Love? How to Treat an Early Relationship

Published: 05th August 2010
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Is there any way to make a man fall in love with you? Would you like to change your past mistakes and build a strong, lasting relationship? Do you sometimes wonder if you will ever find love? Here are some thoughts on whether you can make a man fall in love, and how to nurture your next relationship.

First of all, you can't truly set the wheels of love in motion if he isn't willing to get on board.

There is just no way to make someone feel a certain way. You cannot trick people into feeling something that they don't. If a guy is just not in love with you, there is no way to change that. The best thing that you can do is to move on, and find someone that will appreciate you.

The good news is that once you do find that person, you can ensure that you nurture the relationship. If the problem is that your previous relationships have not really gotten off the ground, there might be some mistakes that you can avoid next time. So, assuming you have met the right guy, and he likes you too, then what?

If you have met a good match, keep him at arm's length.

If you meet someone that you have sparks with, and you want to start your relationship right, the most important thing to do early on is to not rush into anything. You can't force things. You need to let things grow.

Especially at first, don't spend all of your time with him. You will need to let love grow in your absence by giving him a chance to miss you. You might be tempted to see him as often as you can, but you will need to give him some space.

Open up and let a bond grow when you are together.

When you do spend time together, pace things so that you can get closer. You will need to let an emotional bond form before you can have a strong relationship. Try to treat him like something between a friend and a lover.

Be open with him, and let him be open with you. This does not mean that you should tell him everything that you think, or give him all of the stories from your past. It means that you should be completely honest with what you do tell him, and that you should be yourself. Even if you can't make a man fall in love, you can set the stage for a lifetime of love when you do find the right guy.

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