Blow His Mind! – How To Be A Better Kisser

Published: 13th August 2010
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Are you nervous about that first kiss? Do you want to blow his mind with your first kiss? Do you want to improve your kissing technique? Kissing is something that should be both fun and enjoyable. However, being a bad kisser can damage the potential of landing another date. So, read on and learn how to nail the first kiss as well as every kiss after!

1. Freshen your breath

Although your partner isn't as concerned with your breath as you are, fresh breath will give you an extra edge of confidence.

2. Beware of extra saliva

Take the time to swallow any excess saliva when he's not looking. This will avoid the embarrassing situation of a sloppy kiss. Also, make sure that your lips are only slightly moist. Too much moisture can be a bad thing.

3. Relax

Being overly tense will bleed into your kissing. It will cause your lips to be tense as well as your body. Kissing is supposed to be enjoyable, so relax!

4. Make it sensual

Kissing goes much further than just your lips. It is a full body movement. When kissing, touch his hair or his arms gently. Kissing with your body as well as your lips can really turn up the heat.

5. Leave your options open

Some people actually think that French kissing is gross. Others prefer this method of kissing. In order to avoid grossing him out, leave your options open. Parting your lips slightly lets him know that you are open to the idea of French kissing without grossing him out.

6. Slow down your tempo

Slowing down will make the kiss more sensual and help to break the nervousness. Slowing down also heightens the experience and tells him that you are enjoying yourself.

7. Make sure your kiss is wanted

To avoid total embarrassment, make sure that your kiss is warranted. He may not be comfortable enough for a kiss yet. Some ways to pick up on the fact that he wants to kiss you is if he tilts his head while talking to you or starts fidgeting. These are nervous habits to avoid dealing with the rejection from you.

The most important thing behind kissing is to have fun! If you simply relax and enjoy yourself, he will too!

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