Are You Girlfriend Material? Ask Yourself these Questions

Published: 12th July 2010
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If you want a relationship, how do you know if you are girlfriend material? Do you find yourself having a few dates before things just burn out? What does it take to be the woman that a guy is ready to fall in love with? To find out if you're girlfriend material, ask yourself a few simple questions.

Are you independent?

Men fall in love with confident women, who are complete in themselves. Although it might seem ironic, you will be most ready for a solid relationship if you are comfortable being single. It's not really contradictory, because being desperate to get into a relationship is really not a good way to find love.

You should know how to make yourself happy before you look to have someone else in your life. Be adventurous enough to set out on your own to do the things that interest you. You should also nurture the other relationships in your life, with family and friends.

Can you take things slowly?

Do you tend to try to turn your dates into boyfriends before you really know each other? If you want to be girlfriend material, slow down. It's far more important to find the right person for you than it is to be with someone just so you won't be alone.

Don't add to the pressure. Learn to enjoy dates for what they are. Just look for the experience of meeting new people and learning about someone. Don't expect your life to change based on just a few meetings.

Are you ready to communicate?

There is a real art to communication, and that is especially true in relationships. You will have to share yourself with someone else, and let him share himself with you. You will have to balance reticence with openness. You should understand how to talk to someone without anger or defensiveness. Just as importantly, you need to know how to listen.

You've been searching for the right guy. When you find him, you should make sure that you are girlfriend material by being healthy and happy with yourself.

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